Our Top 10 Artists from the 80s Still Performing Today

The 80s was the decade of dance and new wave, with post-punk emerging, and the “Second British Invasion” of America got underway. Many bands and artists experienced great popularity and success in the 1980s, and we even have some great 80s artists performing in the Harlequin show bar at Seacroft! Here, we list our top 10 artists from the 80s still performing today!


Bon Jovi

Formed in 1983, Bon Jovi is fronted by namesake Jon Bon Jovi and gained popularity in 1986 with their third album “Slippery When Wet” with ‘New Jersey” following two years later to the same success. With a massive 13 studio albums under the belts as well as six compilation CDs and 3 live albums, Bon Jovi have sold over 130 million records worldwide and have performed almost 3000 concerts – and they’re still going today! Bon Jovi have a tour planned in North and South America for August and September 2017, making them one of the artists from the 80s still performing today

Artists from the 80s Still Performing Today: Bon Jovi


Amongst artists from the 80s still performing today, Norwegian band A-ha, who were formed in 1982 in their native country, first experienced success in the 1980s. Their most successful album was “Hunting High and Low” in 1985, which contained the international number 1 singles “Take On Me” and “The Sun Always Shines on TV”. The band have had a couple of unofficial hiatuses over the years, but as of 2017 the band have a European acoustic tour in partnership with MTV Unplugged in early 2018. You can see a-ha in London on 14th February 2018 at the O2 Arena!


Bryan Adams

Rising to fame in 1983 in the US and Canada with his album “Cuts Like a Knife”, this set Bryan Adams up for international fame with his 1984 album “Reckless”, which featured his iconic single “Summer of ‘69”. Acquiring many awards and nominations over the years, including Grammy Award nominations, Bryan Adams is of of the artists from the 80s still performing today, with concerts in the UK and Ireland in July 2017.


Duran Duran

Whilst Duran Duran were formed in the late 70s, the band didn’t rise to pop fame until the early to mid 80s. With their debut album being released in 1981, Duran Duran experienced success with their second album 1982, which featured the likes of “Rio” and “Hungry Like the Wolf”. With various line-up changes over the years, today Duran Duran is fronted by original lead singer Simon Le Bon with bassist John Taylor and drummer Roger Taylor, and guitarist Dominc Brown as a new addition. They are playing Ireland in September!

Artists from the 80s Still Performing Today: Simply Red

The Human League

Formed in Sheffield in the late 70s, The Human League rose to fame in 1981 with their third album, “Dare”. It was this album that featured “Don’t You Want Me”, earning the band the 1982 Brit Award for “Best British Breakthrough Act”, and Phillip Oakley, Joanne Catherall, and Susan Ann Sulley have been a trio, as they are today, since the mid-90s. They are still performing in the present day, with concerts lined up for September 2017 in Brighton and Wolverhampton.



An English ska band from London, Madness formed in 1976. With most of their success coming in the early 1980s, achieving their first and only number 1 in 1982 with “House of Fun” and have had 15 singles in the top 10 in their career. The band broke up in 1986, and despite having a few line-up changes over the years 6 of the 7 original members still remain, with Graham Bush replacing original member Mark Bedford. Madness are performing at V Festival and in the UK in July and August 2017. A tribute act, Badness, regularly plays at our neighbouring site!



Known for being the lead singer of indie rock band The Smiths from 1982 to 1987, having enjoyed a solo career since and earning his place in the UK Singles Chart on multiple occasions. Launching his solo career in 1988 with the album “Viva Hate” with multiple follow-ups. With a successful solo career spawning almost 3 decades, Morrissey has been voted one of the great living British cultural icon in 2006, second only to David Attenborough. He has performed as recently as 2016.

Artists from the 80s Still Performing Today" Morrissey

Cliff Richard

With more than 250 million records sold worldwide, global star Cliff Richard started his career in 1958 with The Shadows and is still performing as a solo act in the present day. Cliff Richard experienced British success in the time before the Beatles, and has had a successful career for more than 5 decades, and is the third top-selling artist in the UK Singles Chart, only coming behind the Beatles and Elvis. The 76-year-old singer is currently on his 2017 June and July tour in the UK and secures his place on our top 10 list of artists from the 80s still performing today.


Simply Red

A UK soul and pop group formed in the mid 80s, Simply Red are fronted by Mick Hucknall, who was the only remaining original member left when the band split in 2010. With Brit Awards for Best British group for 2 years running in 1992 and 1993, the band also received multiple Grammy Award nominations in the late 80s. Simply Red reunited in 2015 with Mick Hucknall, Ian Kirkham who performed with the band from 1986 until 2010, Steve Lewsin who performed on and off, and a new member, Roman Roth. The band have performances scheduled for October 2017 in Holland, and played in the UK in 2016.



An English reggae and pop band, UB40 formed in in the later part of 1978 and have had more than 50 of their singles make it into the UK Singles Chart. Internationally successful, the band have had hits such as “Food for Thought”, “Red Red Wine”, and “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. With a consistent line up for almost 3 decades, the band’s frontman Ali Campbelland Mickey Virtue left in 2008, and Astro left in 2013 to form “UB40 Reunited”. However, the remaining members still perform as UB40 to this day, performing in the UK and Ireland in August 2017.

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