Sports and Activities You Can Still Do Over 60

It can be a challenge finding sports and activities you can still do over 60, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options out there. Here at Seacroft Holiday Village we encourage our guests to get involved and socialise, with great facilities that can also help you keep fit both mentally and physically. There are also a variety of unusual activities such as indoor rifle shooting and archery which are great for trying something new – you may even find yourself a new hobby! Read on for our top tips on sports and activities you can still do over 60, and that you can take part in at Seacroft Holiday Village during your stay!



A very popular choice amongst the over 60s, golf is a great option for relaxing and enjoyable sport. It promotes flexibility in joints and muscles due to the range of motions needed to use the club properly. It also requires a lot of walking if using the larger golf courses. Here at Seacroft, we have our very own putting green and crazy golf, so you can try your hand at this version before deciding if you want to take up the big game!

A favourite, especially when Wimbledon is on! Sports and activities you can still do over 60 includes tennis, where you can set the pace and intensity of your game!


Great for two single players or four doubles, the intensity and speed of the game is dictated by the players, making it especially good for those whose fitness levels aren’t the best. At the same time, tennis is great for those who are fit and healthy as you can play a quick-paced game which requires lots of running and change of direction. We have tennis courts here at Seacroft Holiday Village for those guests wishing to take part in some friendly competition!

When looking for sports and activities you can still do over 60, archery is a great option to develop mental focus and arm strength.


A great sport for most, archery requires focus and patience and helps to develop physical strength in the arms, hands, chest, shoulders, and even the core through practising proper form! Even drawing the bow counts as exercise, burning around 140 calories every 30 minutes! Whilst focus is needed for this sport, it can also be relaxing!



Another great stress relieving activity, darts is a great way to focus, relax, and take your mind off things. It’s also a fantastic bonding activity for friends, encouraging friendly competition between partners and teams! Other benefits including better hand/eye coordination, improvement in concentration, encouraging strategic thinking and helps with self-control! A great sport for your brain, and we have dart boards here at Seacroft! Another great addition to sports and activities you can still do over 60.

A versatile sport, bowls can be played indoors or outdoors. Consider this when looking for sports and activities you can still do over 60.


Bowls is a versatile sport, being a sport that can be played both indoors and outdoors – and we offer both here at Seacroft Holiday Village. There are benefits to playing bowls, including improved fitness, coordination, confidence, mental wellbeing and social benefits as well. Being a relaxed sport with low demands in terms of physicality, bowls is a popular sport amongst over 60s.


Rifle Shooting

Helping to encourage physical disciplines such as stamina, hand/eye coordination, and fine motor skills as well as helping to develop arm strength as a steady hand is required for accurate shooting. As with a lot of the activities and sports you can still do over 60, this helps improve your focus, mental discipline and confidence and self-esteem. Rifle shooting can also help improve physical balance because, as mentioned earlier, a steady aim is required. We now have indoor rifle shooting at Seacroft, so if you fancy giving it a go then we can help!

A classic favourite, croquet is one of the many sports and activities you can still do over 60.


Croquet is another great example of sports and activities you can still do over 60. With the intellectual aspect of puzzle solving as well as skills such as precision, this is a great way to exercise your brain. It also provides light exercise, being gentle on the joints and doesn’t exert players too much. It’s also a great way to socialise with friends, and relieve stress through focus.


Last reviewed 11 July 2017.

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