New for 2016 at Seacroft Holiday Village


The team here at Seacroft will be busy implementing some big changes over the winter for the 2016 season.

Guests that have visited Seacroft in 2015 may have already seen some of our improved accommodation. For those that haven’t, we are upgrading a number of our chalets to our premier standard. The upgrade includes redecoration, new beds, furniture, flat screen TVs, all new soft furnishings, and improved bathrooms.

We are also pleased to announce we will be renovating and combining the Harlequin Ballroom and bar into the Harlequin Show Bar. The new room will be able to seat over 400 guests (over twice the current capacity) and the new decor will be a new take on a 1950s theme. The redesign will also include new ramps which will make the dance floor easier to access.

Our guests will receive a brand new welcome in 2016 as we are having our reception refurbished. The new reception will have improved access ramps, become more spacious and include a lounge area with seating. Artist’s impressions of the planned renovations are attached to this article.

Last but not least we will also be adding guest wifi in our main complex, which will allow guests to connect up to the internet from their wifi enabled devices.





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