Things to do in Caister-on-Sea

Just 10 minutes from Hemsby is the pleasant coastal village of Caister-on-Sea. Only 4 miles from Seacroft Holiday Village in Hemsby, and 4 ½ miles from Great Yarmouth, Caister-on-Sea is a quiet place to spend the afternoon, or even the day, at some of the attractions and sights it has to offer – read what things to do in Caister-on-Sea there are!

A beautiful coastal village, there are lovely things to do in Caister-on-Sea

Caister Castle Motor Museum

Currently home to the largest private collection of motor vehicles in Britain, the museum includes beautiful and rare vetern, vintage, classic, sports and touring automobiles and motorcycles. The vehicles are housed in a purpose-built museum, and features vehicles such as an 1893 Panhard et Levassor, commonly considered the first proper car in the world, as well as the Scottish Formula 1 driver Jim Clark’s Lotus and the infamous Peter Rachman’s Cadillac.

The Motor Museum at Caister Castle is an interesting sight to see when considering things to do in Caister-on-Sea

Caister Volunteer Lifeboat Visitor Centre

Opened in 2009, Caister’s Lifeboat Visitor Centre features information and displays on the history of Caister’s Lifeboats. From the work of the old Beach Companies through to the creation of Caister Volunteer Lifeboat Service, right up until the corrent day. With service records dating back to 1858, Caister Lifeboats has a rich history and it is displayed in their Visitor Centre for all to see. Admission is free, and there is also the opportunity to see their current Valentijn Class lifeboat the Bernard Matthews 2, with 450 horse power water jets making it the fastest Offshore lifeboat in the UK.


Gariannonum Roman Fort

In the past, the Roman Gariannonum Fort at Caister was one of many in a chain of coastal forts – what the Roman’s called the ‘Saxon Shore’. Following down from the Wash round the East and South coasts of England, thought to have acted as a defence against Saxon seaborne raiders. The fort at Caister is thought to have been built around 200 AD, and was occupied by the Roman army and navy until the end of the 4th century, when Roman forces withdrew from Britain. There’s plenty of information about the fort on the English Heritage website – definitely worth a look whilst in Caister!


Imagine Spa

Located in in the Old Hall Hotel is Imagine Spa. Perfect if you feel like being pampered, Imagine Spa has locations all around the country and prides itself on having friendly therapists with excellent manner and expertise to offer you exactly what you want from your treatment, tailoring their method to your specific needs and wants. You don’t need to decide what treatments you want in advance – just book your time slot and discuss with their friendly team. Perfect for a morning or afternoon of relaxation before enjoying the fantastic entertainment we offer at Seacroft Holiday Village!


Yarmouth Stadium

From its name, you might think Yarmouth Stadium is in Great Yarmouth’s centre – but it’s actually in the neighbouring village of Caister-on-Sea. Hosting a variety of racing events, most commonly Greyhound racing on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, and Motor Racing Action throughout the year. There’s a variety of ways to watch races, from the large raceview restaurant* to trackside bars and trackside seating and standing areas. A great place for a night out at the races!

*Only available during Greyhound Races.


Please contact attraction or service provider before travelling for correct information and pricing. Last reviewed 03 April 2017.
Photo of Caister Castle, and both pictures of Caister-on-Sea beach by David Street. All photos courtesy of Great Yarmouth Borough Council.


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